Viewing Crash Logs in Xcode

I recently released an update to Autochords which removed a bunch of dependencies and frameworks, including Crashlytics.

Crashlytics is really great, but it’s just one of those things that I’d rather not have to rely on. Turns out Xcode includes a pretty neat way to view crash logs for your beta and released apps. If you haven’t looked at Apple’s crash reporting in a while, it’s definitely worth another look.

To check it out, from Xcode go to Window → Organizer, then the Crashes tab. Your apps will be listed on the left, and you’ll be able to select a particular build to view its crashes. I’m fairly certain this only works well when you’ve elected to include a dSYM as part of the app upload process.

Screenshot of Xcode showing a crash in UIGestureRecognizer _delegateshouldReceiveTouch:.

So it hasn’t got the delightful animations of Crashlytics, and marking an issue as resolved doesn’t give you that satisfying rubber stamp effect, but it’s really working well for me.

A good/bad thing is that it’s controlled by a user’s system-wide preference for sending diagnostic information to developers. I don’t know what the opt-in rate is, but it does make me feel good to not have to bug my users with an “Oops we crashed” message and I know that I’m respecting my users’ privacy preferences.

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